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Qingdao Xinmeiteng Sponge Manufacture Co.
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We focus on PU Foam Cutting Machine, CNC Foam Cutting Machine, Loop Foam Cutting Machine, Foam Profile Cutting Machine products and so on

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China Qingdao Xinmeiteng Sponge Manufacture Co.

Qingdao Xinmeiteng Sponge Manufacture Co.

XINMEITENG is located in the beautiful seaside city of Qingdao, adjacent to Jinan-Qingdao, Qingyin, Yanqing and Qinghu highways, and connected to Jiaodong International Airport and Qingdao Port Terminal, with a superior geographical location. The company has advanced processing equipment, with more than 20 sets of top processing equipment at home and abroad, more than 7 million yuan of investment in equipment, processing accuracy to reach the international advanced level. The company mainly produces high-end sponge cutting and processing equipment, and has a high level of design and processing capabilities in the industry. Cutting equipment technology is higher than the same industry in China, compared to the level of Europe and the United States. Our products cover cutting, shaped cutting...

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